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27 April 2006

Substitute "libraries" for "Devo".

Note: We strongly suggest not clicking on the link below. Really. Or at least mute your audio before clicking. Don't say we didn't warn you.

In the May issue of Wired (article not on yet), Mark Mothersbaugh has this to say about Devo 2.0:

"It could be an interesting new way to look at Devo. Or it could be really stupid."

25 April 2006

Is it too late for an April Fool's joke?

Wow, listen to what Bush said in his energy speech this morning! (Snicker, snicker ...)

12 April 2006


A few quick links ...

Someone presents a compelling argument that "Christ, what an asshole!" is always a good response for the New Yorker cartoon-caption contest.

Walt Crawford is looking for a shorter word to use instead of "biblioblogosphere." We suggested "brogs".

The weird intro voc in Rebecca Angel's song "I Want To Be a Librarian" almost sounds like Lloyd, the Llibrary Llama.

Speaking of "The Blogga Song", we couldn't help but notice that, shortly after being named as "not a blogga" in the tune, someone who calls himself Rory Litwin started blogging. The obvious inference from this sequence of events is that the song led directly to the creation of the Library Juice blog.

We'll always have had Paris.

Sign: In and Out of ParisThe library where we work recently hosted a travelogue about the City of Lights. However, the sign on our events board advertising the program could've easily been interpreted as a promo for a slide lecture about Ms. Hilton.

Though we guess it'd have to have included video, not just slides.

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