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26 November 2006

New song: "The OPAC Sucks".

We anticipate panel discussions at conferences devoted to this question --

What sucks worse: OPACs ... or the anAACRonisms' new song, "The OPAC Sucks"? Or maybe the music video for the song (which includes bonus title-and-credits music by OPACapella)?

Keep in mind that your library isn't spending thousands of dollars on the song and video.

"The OPAC sucks, that's all I gotta say
You're outta luck if you can't spell "Hemingway" ...
Complete lyrics here.

18 November 2006

Sexy Stephen says ...

In the issue of People most eagerly awaited by closeted Republicans, Stephen Colbert writes:

Note: Glasses can make ladies sexy as well, but only as they are taken off, followed by a slow-motion shake of the head to let her hair down out of that librarian bun.

01 November 2006

Zen Librarian video koans.

We've begun to adapt some of the Koans of the Zen Librarian to video. We have four videos done so far.

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